We have developed strong business relationships with a number of major airlines, ensuring regular and frequent freight schedules, as well as guaranteed space. We offer a wide range of services, multiple transit times and discounted rates in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok and other major Asian airports for shipments worldwide.

Weekly departures from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen

Quality and expertise in customs operations

Easy FOB to Door price

Fast and reliable service

Direct handling of goods

Scheduled departures by air from China and Hong Kong to worldwide destinations every day

Consulting for Distribution, Trucking, Warehousing

Core Competencies


Track Your Shipment

WL Logistics provides a comprehensive range of customized turnkey logistics solutions to its clients. With a powerful global network and over 20 years of experience, WL Logistics adopts state-of-the-art communications and database technologies, international best practices and expert local knowledge to solve logistic challenges. ->>>

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For anything from business inquiries about our services to general questions about WL Logistics, please contact us.

+852 2377 9083