A team of professionals at your service. Our Customs Office team is composed of qualified and trusted customs operator with long experience providing a top quality service with issued such as registering of new product, free-zone cargo handling and inward and outward processing arrangements.

Pallet packaging and personalized shipments: Our pallet packaging service provides importing and exporting companies with maximum efficiency by sending the goods directly to the final client avoiding transits in storage warehouses.


Insurance: Your shipments are automatically covered by carrier's liability, within the limits provided for by law. However, in the majority of cases carrier's liability does not cover the entire value of goods. WL Logistics allows you to extend the "all risk" coverage at the best market rate ensuring assistance in the event of accidents.

Wharehousing: Contract based warehousing is the optimal solution for companies that require a customized distribution platform and a dedicated warehouse facility. Contract based warehousing is designed primarily for clients seeking long-term supply chain solutions. Advantages include customized operating procedures unique to the clients’ specific operation, warehouse facilities, and a specialized labor force. .

Cross-Docking: WL Logistics’ Cross-Docking Distribution Center enables the timely distribution of freight and a better synchronization of the supply with the demand. It is particularly useful for companies in the retail sector. In a conventional distribution logistics system, goods are stored in a distribution center or in a factory, and held until ordered by a customer. With cross-docking, goods are assigned to a customer beforehand. The distribution center receives goods from suppliers and sorts them to be shipped directly, in a consolidated batch, to the final destination. Inbound flows (from suppliers) are thus directly transferred to outbound flows (to customers) saving time and resources. Shipments typically spend less than 24 hours in the distribution center, sometimes less than one hour.


Track Your Shipment

WL Logistics provides a comprehensive range of customized turnkey logistics solutions to its clients. With a powerful global network and over 20 years of experience, WL Logistics adopts state-of-the-art communications and database technologies, international best practices and expert local knowledge to solve logistic challenges. ->>>

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